HELP OUR SCHOOLS. You may know that the Welsh Government is trying to change the way all schools (including Catholic schools) teach Religious Education and Sex Education.
For Catholics and Catholic schools these proposals will be extremely damaging.
Archbishop George and the Head of all Catholic schools in Wales have written to the First Minister. As this Bill goes through the Senedd, we need as many of our parishioners as possible to oppose these changes.

Please – could you personally submit your own entry for the campaign by going to: Just type your name and address and click ‘submit’.
“Thank you” – from the Catholic Education Service.

Tuesday 1st December Mass will be at 11am – not the usual time – for today only. Next week will be usual Mass times.

Saturday 3rd October. Immaculate Conception now has a live streaming camera. This will enable us to see all Masses live. Please go to the Masses & Services page and click on the link

Thursday 13th August. More Good News – There will be Masses in our churches beginning this weekend in conformity with all the Covid 19 protocols in place. See the “Masses and Services” page for times of Mass.

Monday 6th July.  Good News – see the “Masses and Services” page for the news that our Churches may be open  soon.

In view of the closure of churches from Tuesday 24th March, there will be no current newsletter.

Normally, clicking on the date below gives the newsletter. Hopefully we will resume when Coronavirus is behind us.

4th Lent 22.3.20

3rd Sun Lent 15Mar20
2nd Sun Lent 8Mar20
1st Sun Lent 1Mar20
7th Sun Ord 23Feb20
6th Sun Ord 16Feb2020
5th Sun Ord 9Feb20
Presentn of The Lord 2Feb20
3rd Sun Ord 26Jan20
2nd Sun Ord 19Jan20
Baptism of The Lord 12Jan20
Sunday 5Jan20a
Holy Family 29Dec19
4th Sunday Advent 22Dec19
3rd Sunday Advent 15Dec19
2nd Sunday Advent 8Dec19
1st Sunday Advent
Our Lord King of Universe
33rd Sun Ord 17Nov19
30th Sun Ord 27Oct19
29th Sun Ord 20Oct19.docx
28th Sun Ord 13Oct19
27th Sun Ord 6Oct19
26th Sun Ord 29Sep19
25th Sun Ord 22Sep19
24th Sun Ord 15Sep19
23rd Sun Ord 8Sep19
22nd Sun Ord 1Sep19
21st Sun Ord 25Aug19
20th Sun Ord 18Aug19
19th Sun Ord 11Aug19
18th Sun Ord 4Aug19
17th Sun Ord 28Jul19
16th Sun Ord 21Jul19
15th Sun Ord 14Jul19
14th Sun Ord 7Jul19
Sts Peter & Paul 30Jun19
Corpus Christi 23Jun19
Most Holy Trinity 16Jun19
Pentecost Sunday 9Jun19 
7th Sun Easter 2Jun19
6th Sun Easter 26May19
5th Sun Easter 19May19
4th Sun Easter 12May19
3rd Sun Easter 5May19
Divine Mercy Sunday 28Apr19
Easter Sunday 21Apr19
Palm Sunday 14Apr19
5th Sun Lent 7Apr19
4th Sun Lent 31Mar19
3rd Sun Lent 24Mar19 
2nd Sun Lent 17 Mar19
1st Sun Lent 10 Mar19
8th Sun Ord 3 Mar19
7th Sun Ord 24Feb19
6th Sun Ord 17Feb19
5th Sun Ord 10Feb19
4th Sun Ord 3Feb19
3rd Sun Ord 27Jan19 
2nd Sun Ord 20Jan19
Baptism of The Lord 13Jan19


2nd Advent 9Dec18 
1st Advent 3Dec18 
King of the Universe 25Nov18
33rd Sun Ord 18Nov18
32nd Sun Ord 11Nov18 
31st Sun Ord 4Nov18 
30th Sun Ord 28Oct18
29th Sun Ord 21Oct18
28th Sun Ord 14Oct18
27th Sun Ord 7Oct18
26th Sun Ord 30Sep18
25th Sun Ord 23Sep18 
20th Sun Ord 19Aug18
19th Sun Ord 12Aug18
18th Sun Ord 5Aug18
17th Sun Ord 29Jul18
16th Sun Ord 22Jul18
15th Sun Ord 15Jul18
14th Sun Ord 8Jul18
11th Sun Ord 17Jun18
10th Sun Ord 10Jun18
Body & Blood 3Jun18
Most Holy Trinity 27May18

Pentecost Sunday 20May18
7th Sunday Easter 13May18

6th Sunday Easter 6May18

5th Sunday Easter 29Apr18

4th Sunday Easter 22Apr18
3rd Sunday Easter 15Apr18

Divine Mercy Sunday 8Apr18 
Easter Sunday 1Apr18
Palm Sunday 25Mar18
5th Sunday Lent 18Mar18
4th Sunday Lent 11Mar18
3rd March 2018 Masses cancelled
2nd Sunday Lent 25Feb18
1st Sunday Lent 18Feb18 
6th Sunday in Ord 11Feb18 
5th Sunday in Ord 4Feb18 
4th Sunday in Ord 28Jan18
3rd Sunday in Ord 21Jan18
2nd Sunday in Ord 14Jan18
Epiphany 7Jan18

Christmas 2017 2 weeks
2nd Sun Advent 10Dec17

1st Sun Advent 3Dec17
Christ the King 26Nov17
33rd Sunday in Ord 19Nov17
32nd Sunday in Ord 12Nov17
31st Sunday in Ord 5Nov17
30th Sunday in Ord 29Oct17
29th Sunday in Ord 22Oct17

28th Sunday in Ord 15Oct17

27th Sunday in Ord 8Oct17

25th Sunday in Ord 24Sep17
24th Sunday in Ord 17Sep17
23rd Sunday in Ord 10Sep17

– – –
19th Sunday in Ord 13Aug17
Transfiguration 6Aug17
17th Sunday in Ord 30Jul17

16th Sunday in Ord 23Jul17
15th Sunday in Ord 16Jul17

14th Sunday in Ord 09Jul17
13th Sunday in Ord 02Jul17
12th Sunday in Ord 25Jun17
Corpus Christi 18Jun17
Trinity Sunday 11Jun17
Pentecost Sunday 4Jun17
Ascension Sunday 28May17

6th Easter Sunday 21May17
5th Easter Sunday 14May17

4th Easter Sunday 7May17
3rd Sunday of Easter 30Apr17

Divine Mercy Sunday 23Apr17
Easter Sunday 16Apr17

Palm Sunday 9Apr17
5th Sunday of Lent 2Apr17

4th Sunday of Lent 26Mar17
3nd Sunday of Lent 19Mar17
2nd Sunday of Lent 12Mar17

1st Sunday of Lent 5Mar17
8th Sunday Ord 26Feb17
7th Sunday Ord 19Feb17
6th Sunday Ord 12Feb17
5th Sunday Ord 5Feb17
4th Sunday Ord 29Jan17
3rd Sunday Ord 22Jan17

3nd Sunday15Jan17
Epiphany 8Jan2017
Sunday 1Jan2017